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One of a kind Eco Friendly Espresso Cafe on wheels!
Trying to be as eco-friendly as possible, utilizing both solar and pedal power, we have created what we would have to say is the ultimate mobile coffee vending delivery system.
Our Dual-Power system draws as much energy as possible using its extra-large solar panel to charge a state-of-the-art LiPo Battery. This provides the majority of energy to the cart whilst the gas burner takes over heating the boiler to ensure optimal pressure and temperatures are achieved delivering the perfect coffee.

On the Grind

Making Friends – Everybody loves our coffee!

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Couple of Iced Coffees

On the grind cafe can be found buzzing around the streets of Vancouver. Check out our social-networks to find out the most up to date information or alternatively to answer any queries you might have, please feel free to contact us using the contact form located on the website.

Whats on the grind pedalling?


Matchstick Coffee Roasters is a new roastery and retailer in Vancouver, BC, with an emphasis on hand-crafted preparation and delivery of single-origin coffees.

Origin:Palo de Campana, El Salvador

Las Nubes sits on the northern slopes of El Salvador’s Santa Ana Volcano, an area well known for producing quality coffee. Originally purchased by Isidro Batlle in the 1920s, Las Nubes remains in this family to this day. The farm is separated into different tablones by area and altitude, and kept separate through harvesting and processing. Tablone #6 sits at 1450-1550 masl and is 100% Red Bourbon. The coffee is fully washed and patio dried.

On the side…


Handmade with utmost care and the best quality ingredients.

The passion for where food comes from isn’t just about the memories, it’s also about where it’s grown, and who grew it. It’s about making sure that food that nourishes us isn’t at the cost of the people who work in the fields or the environment.

Try some delicious Livia Sweets next time you visit on the grind cafe.

Baked Fresh

Delicious Cakes

Quality Ingredients

Frankly the finest for espresso

World class engineering and the latest technologies ensure that the iconic Fracino Classic espresso machine is as enduring as its name.

Designed and manufactured to the highest standards using only the finest materials, the very latest machining methods, and state of the art electronics, the Classic is built to stand the test of time. The commitment to excellence, skills and experience of Fracino engineers ensure that our coffee machines provide years of reliable coffee making. Fracino, the UK’s only manufacturer of espresso/cappuccino coffee machines, has extensively invested in research and development for the Classic range.

The powerful success story of award-winning Fracino, the UK’s only manufacturer of cappuccino and espresso coffee machines, began in the 1950’s when machine tool designer Frank Maxwell stripped down a second hand coffee machine bought on a family holiday to Italy.
Frank started importing and supplying coffee machines to retail outlets in Britain. He launched the business in 1964 and the company has traded under the Fracino brand since 1990.

Now based on the Wyrley Trading Estate in Birmingham, Fracino’s 40 plus strong product portfolio is enjoyed and respected worldwide. Its powerful machines are tailored to suit all budgets, with customised equipment meeting technical and aesthetic requirements.
A consistent award-winner, the 23-strong company’s string of achievements include a Millenium Product Award for design for the Roastilino counter top roaster, recognition as one of the UK’s fastest growing inner city enterprises – and the first company of its kind to gain the ISO 9002 quality standard.

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